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Precast Footing & Foundations...

Client advantages:

  • Simply prep the sub-base and land your precast module.
  • No cure time as precast is ready for structure.
  • Advance on schedule. Save days or even weeks.
  • Reduce site interface by Pre-casting, Footings and Foundations.


Precast Pedestrals

  • Prepare the sub-base and land your pedestal.
  • No cure time as precast pedestals are ready for structure.
  • Advance on schedule. Save days or even weeks.
  • Reduce site interface by Pre-casting pedestals.


Precast Sleepers

Sleepers can be utilized in several ways and in a variety of areas such as:

  • Piping support
  • Electrical hardstand
  • Cyclone tie down
  • Plant or site infrastructure


Precast Hardstands

Hardstands can be used for many applications

  • Electrical stands
  • Control panel stands
  • Stair landings
  • Lighting


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Precast Cyclone Blocks

Cyclone Tie Down Blocks come in standard sizing and made to order:

  • All standard sizes are stackable without projecting bolts
  • Fork tine rebates ready for quick installation
  • Pre-engineered cast in inserts – no sign-off required upon remodelling
  • Cast in Twist Locks for shipping containers


SkidCreteTM - Shipping

SkidCreteTM – Shipping

Introducing a series of Shipping Container Foundations that are suitable for all Australian conditions and environments. Aus-Precast with Raine Consulting has realised a need in the marketplace for an engineered precast concrete foundation that is ready for immediate use.


Provide a structurally designed foundation, with an engineered cast in hoarding, that locks the container in place, coping with the worst load cases arising through AS1170 Structural Actions. This system eradicates the need for external rigging and due to the flush fit finish; thereby removes all external tripping hazards. This offers significant improvements for workplace KPI’s.

Design Features

Cast in Hoardings, compatible with static shipping container twist lock systems. Engineered cast in lifting anchors Fork tine rebates and heavy-duty concrete mix

Key Customers

Non process and process storage systems.

Mine site camps.

Popup Stores (pictured above is only 300mm high) ample room to run cabling and plumbing.

Customised Shipping Container Modifiers.

  • Switch Rooms
  • Workshops
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Restaurants and Cafes


SkidCreteTM - Shipping

Shipping Container Tie Down Block


Type 1 – 2460 W x 600 L x 300 H – Weight 1000kg

Type 2 – 2460 W x 1200 L x 300 H – Weight 2125kg

Type 3 – 2460 W x 1200 L x 400 H – Weight 2834kg

Type 4 – 2460 W x 1200 L x 600 H – Weight 4250kg

Type 5 – 2460 W x 1800 L x 600 H – Weight 6376kg

Type 6 – 2460 W x 1800 L x 750 H – Weight 7970kg


Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone

Australia Map

Design Working Life

Precast Cyclone Blocks4

Contact Us

P: (08) 9523 2555


Engineering & Drafting

  • Full design service (outsourced)
  • Shop drawings
  • As build drawings
  • Quality Assurance Documentation
    • Quarry reports
    • Pre-pour cards
    • Cylinder testing
    • Slump tests
    • Mix design
    • Historical Data
    • Mill certificates
    • Steel reinforcement schedules

MDR Gallery – see pdf attatchment

Value Realisation

Talk with us, Aus-Precast understands the demands that business experience today and have the ability to generate ‘value add’ from existing and new products within the precast industry for both non and process infrastructure. In essence, value realisation is about showing the tangible or business value by adjusting traditional methods of construction.

Technical Services

At Aus-Precast, B2B relationships means, providing a technical service and a high level of customer support during field visits and or dispatch is inherent of beneficial outcomes, this is critical to future growth within the precast concrete industry. Diagnostic errors or technical problems? Determining proper solutions are key to success.